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The Way Of Abundance

Pastor’s Bookshelf - Welcome to my bookshelf! Each month I will discuss a recent book that I’ve finished. *disclaimer; I don’t always have time to sit and read physical books, but I do quite a bit of my reading through audiobooks these days.*

This month I’d like to talk about The Way Of Abundance

By Ann Voskamp

I want to be very honest up front and admit that this book was a little outside of my comfort zone. I have a lot of respect for Ann Voskamp as a Christian leader and author, but her books are not necessarily my “style.” She’s pretty famous and leads a very successful ministry – you might even call her a “Christian celebrity.” Take that celebrity status and the title of the book “The Way of Abundance” and I came in very hesitantly. I thought it was going to be a watered down text with superficial theology that might make me feel good but not truly help me grow closer to God. I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG. I was shocked at the depth this book contained. The book is not about financial wealth or “living your best life” – it’s about how to live abundantly in the face of INCREDIBLE pain and heartbreak. Drawing from her own experience, she has crafted a poetic and powerful devotional that I can guarantee will move your heart closer to our creator God.

It's laid out like a 60 day daily devotional, so it’s less of a book to read and more of an incredible devotional journey. I was brought to tears (multiple times) by her authenticity and her stunning ability to cling to her beloved God in times of overwhelming trial and struggle. While I was reading this book, our church had been going through a season of significant loss (many funerals, one right after another). This book was a ray of sunshine that overwhelmed me, brought me to my knees and taught me to cling to Jesus. I highly recommend it, especially if you are struggling and want to know how to find abundance during challenging times.


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