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Something Needs To Change

Pastor’s Bookshelf - Welcome to my bookshelf! Each month I will discuss a recent book that I’ve finished. *disclaimer; I don’t always have time to sit and read physical books, but I do quite a bit of my reading through audiobooks these days.*

This month I’d like to talk about Something Needs To Change

by David Platt

This is a non-fiction book that reads like an action adventure! David Platt is a well known pastor/author/missionary who has a habit of taking his faith so seriously that it convicts the people around him, and invites us all to a deeper connection with Jesus.

This time around David takes us on a journey to the Himalayan mountains to some of the most remote villages in the world. In the book he describes this missionary journey he took (which is all part of a true story), but he brings it to us in such a way that we feel like we are along for the journey ourselves! For those of us who lack the ability or funding to actually go to India and hike some of the highest mountains in existence – this book brings it right into our living rooms.

Along the way David encounters some of the most tragic and some of the most beautiful experiences a missionary journey can possibly bring. The principles of faith can often seem so easy from the comfort of our cushioned chairs in our heated sanctuary – but out on the trail, David finds his principles challenged in concrete, real world ways.

One of the primary questions his story grapples with is “is it more important to take care of people’s spiritual needs, or their physical needs?” To bring them Jesus or bring them medical supplies? He authentically wrestles with this question in this harrowing tale that I highly recommend to anyone who claims faith in Jesus.


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