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How To Fight Racism

This month I’d like to talk about How To Fight Racism by Jemar Tisby

Jemar Tisby is a fantastic and eloquent writer on some of the most difficult topics of our modern time together. Last summer I recommended his best selling book “The Color of Compromise” – which was a historical book telling the history of slavery in America, specifically focusing on the church’s history with the issue as well. So when I saw that he had another book out, focused specifically on practical application – I jumped on it.

As I’m sure is the case with many of you – a lot of the racism conversation can be difficult because it often dissolves into a simple matter of finger pointing and denial. Many of us are tired of the conversations that really just feel like flinging accusations without actually doing anything to make the world a better place. After all the racism TALK of last summer, I was eager for a resource on practical things I can DO.

Because of his faith, Jemar often creates resources and writes books, specifically with Christians in mind, and “How To Fight Racism” is no exception. He outlines ideas clearly and effectively, gives concrete steps that can be taken and proposes principles for churches to adopt if they want to get serious about battling racism in the modern world. When I was a kid I used to think racism was a thing of the past, but as I have grown and made many friends with diverse backgrounds – I have learned the difficult truth that even though it is harder to find, it is not completely gone yet. There is still work to do – and this book can be a helpful resource to that end.


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