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Sermons. Resources. 
Church Leadership.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

-Albert Einstein, probably.



Honestly? I'm just a normal pastor of a small-ish church in Michigan. But I love working in the church and I truly believe that all churches that are truly working to worship and serve Jesus are co-workers and NOT competitors. 

In the spirit of Kingdom building, I've created this website to post all of my content for others to make good use of. Maybe you're a layperson who just wants access to the sermons via video or podcast. Maybe you're a pastor who wants to use my sermon text, or to consult one of the church leader resources I've created. Maybe you're a stranger to Christianity, but you wanted to learn more from those little "Pastor Moment" videos that get shared on facebook or instagram. 

whatever it is, this website is designed to collect all the content I create in one place - I hope it helps.

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